Monday, December 17, 2012



The present is one of those plants which is entitled to our
admiration, for its curious and Angular structure, rather than
for any extraordinary figure it makes in a collision; not that
its flowers are without a certain share of beauty.
It is an annual, growing to about the height of two feet;
the whole plant is viscous, and, if bruised, smells somewhat
disagreeably; the flowers do not open at any particular time as
those of the Mirabilis do, and each contains only three stamina;
when they fall off, which they do soon after expanding, the
Calyx closes on the germen, enlarges, droops, and becomes
deeply plaited; on the ripening of the feed it turns brown,
expands, and is suspended like a little umbrella over the feed,
which when perfectly ripe drops out on the ground; the
expanded calyx in this (late appears somewhat like the flower of
a Phyfalis. This plant flowers from June to October, and ripens its
seeds in the open air; it is not difficult of culture, requires the
same treatment as other tender annuals from Peru.
Our figure was drawn from a plant which flowered 1796,
in the collection of the Marchioness of BUTE, and was raised
from Peruvian seeds, sent her by Prof. ORTEGA of Madrid,
under the name of Mirabiiis triandra s Monf. CAVAN ILLE
has figured and described it as the Mirabilis vijcoja ; Monf.
L'HERITIER, from a confederation of all its characters, has
been induced to make a new genus of it, which he has called

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